'I Remember Herb Caen...' is a collection of interviews shot in 2015 celebrating the centenary of San Francisco journalist Herb Caen. Originally intended to be aired on San Francisco's PBS-KQED television unfortunately one impediment after another stopped the film from being released. In 2021 I revisited the project and made a few edits to the film. I offer a link to watch the film (intended for private viewing only).

Synopsis: Herb Caen (1916-1997) wrote a daily newspaper column that was read by millions of Bay Area residents each morning for nearly 60 years. Caen's three dot 'items' of gossip, news and humor were as integral to everyday life in the San Francisco as the Bridges or the Fog. This film is a collection of eclectic interviews of those who knew Caen and his column. 

Featuring: Angela Alioto, Wilkes Bashford, Ernest Beyl, Doug 'Bix' Biederbeck, Jennifer Blot, Willie Brown, Jr., Ann Moller Caen, Christopher Caen, Herb Caen, Barnaby Conrad III, Audrey Cooper, Walter Cronkite, Strange de Jim, Jesse Hamlin, Gary Kamiya, John King, Peggy Knickerbocker, Sue Lee, Fred Lyon, Armistead Maupin, Flicka McGurrin, Carl Nolte, David Perlman, Randy Shaw, Kevin Starr, Tom Sweeney, Carole Vernier, Kay Walker & Sandy Walker.